Keine Kritik in Kambodscha

Scheinbar sollte man in Kambodscha besser nicht die Regierung kritisieren oder auf Missstände hinweisen.

Cambodia’s opposition leader Sam Rainsy accused Prime Minister Hun Sen of silencing critical voices in the country in the face of growing discontent among Cambodians induced by the government’s corrupt practices and mismanagement of the economy and the effects of the worldwide financial crisis, according to Southeast Asian Press Alliance (Seapa).

Und warum das ganze?

He said the government’s corruption has further weakened the national economy. „Cambodia is losing US$500 million every year to corruption,“ he said

Man sollte auch besser nicht mit einem Kritiker gesehen werden oder ihn gar verteidigen.

Kong Sam Onn, the legal counsel who represented Mu Sochua and Ho Vann, was himself charged with defamation by the Prime Minister. He was also threatened with disbarment. Like the editor Sam Dith, Kong Sam Onn
was forced to apologise to the Prime Minister, and then compelled to join the ruling party, in return for the withdrawal of the case against him.

Als Hauptverantwortlicher wird man allerdings richtig bestraft.

On June 26, 2009, Hang Chakra, the publisher and editor-in-chief of the Khmer Machas Srok was sentenced to one year in prison. He was tried in absentia, despite the fact that he never fled or left the country. He was also fined 9 million Riel or (about $2250), for „disinformation“ and for „dishonouring public officials“.

Und Hang Chakra ist nicht alleine. Alles weitere beim asia news network.

Ach ja, aus der Serie bedrohte Journalisten

Duong Hak Sam Rithy, vice president of the Cambodian Association for the protection of Journalists (CAPJ) claimed that some 10 journalists have been killed by government agents. Up to now, he said, police have not yet concluded their investigation in any of the cases.


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